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Nevada-Reno welcomes your suggestions on how the site and forum can be improvedInstructions for submittal are included on their site.

- ASCE Creates Hashtag* on Twitter -

Ms. Joanna Colbourne, Sponsorship Coordinator, American Society of Civil Engineers recently started a hashtag* on twitter (a real-time short messaging service that works over multiple networks and devices) for the Concrete Canoe Competition.

* Hashtags are used to track a subject/person/event, etc, as multiple people are tweeting.

For a quick cheatsheet (PDF) on how to Tweet, sign up, download onto your phone, and how to monitor the traffic... click here

Thanks guys for your help.  We really appreciate it!

If you're interested in volunteering for any other task listed on our site, please contact us.  Simply provide an email address to which information should be sent.  We'll make the announcement, include the link to your contribution, and give you plenty of credit.  Thanks!

National Concrete Canoe Competition Trivia
Address question below.  Run mouse over photo to reveal answer.


It's a challenge... but a pleasure... to compete with all of the past national champions for the title at the national level.  As of 2005, how many of the 18 NCCCs were held with all of the past champions in attendance and what is the greatest number of past champions to participate in a single competition?