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Updated 7.11.02



Team UAH Commentary

Interviews on Assignment

As the host of and as a team not participating in the 2002 competition, Team UAH is taking this opportunity to provide objective up-to-date information, as well as daily pictures and movies of the competition.

2002 Sarah Yeldell. Original artwork and website design except where noted. That means looky, no touchy. Got it?

Clemson's 3CT wins third national title at 2002 ASCE/MBT NCCC. Staff - "2002 Vital Statistics - Papers, Presentations, Boats, and Displays" - design report scores, presentation summaries, photos, and statistics for all 2002 ASCE/MBT NCCC competitors. Staff - "2002 ASCE/MBT NCCC Racing Awards" - presentation photos, times, records, and winners.

Doug Simpson at Clemson - "2002 NCCC Commentary and Summary" - blow by blow description of 2002 NCCC including analyses, scores, etc. - awesome since '95.

John Gilbert at UAH - "2002 NCCC Commentary" - comments on all categories - from an observer's perspective.

We've returned from Madison, Wisconsin and are proud to bring you extensive coverage of the 2002 ASCE/MBT National Concrete Canoe Competition.
Abridged summary courtesy of UW Madison.
Comprehensive Score Sheets courtesy of Clemson.

Team UAH - "For the Record" - statistics for all NCCC competitions.

Gilbert - "The Front Line" - top picks for 2002.

Team UAH - "Concrete Canoe Websites" - links and statistics. Representatives

Russell Meyerriecks
Todd Watts
Jackie Whitaker
Sarah Yeldell

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