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The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Universite of Laval volunteered to maintain ConcreteCanoe.org's official

UIUC - Concrete Canoe Pictures

  Laval - photo/video gallery


Concrete Canoe Treasure-Trove Uncovered at UIUC

As you may know, the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, our newest co-host, is showcasing photos and videos related to concrete canoeing.  The new site was launched by Armen N. Amirkhanian, a past co-captain of 3CT (Clemson).  Some of you may recognize his last name because Serji, his Dad, served as 3CT's faculty advisor for many years.

Armen tells us that he has been given hundreds of documents related to the concrete canoe and he is in the process of sifting through them for his "History" partition.

National Concrete Canoe Competition Trivia
Address question below.  Run mouse over photo to reveal answer.



This canoe was selected as the best product at the 2004 NCCC and was constructed by a seven-time Canadian national championship team.  Which team built it and what is unique about this entry?

Laval is currently collecting, maintaining, and publishing information on the web.   Instructions for submittal are included on their site.

National Concrete Canoe Competition Trivia
Address question below.  Run mouse over photo to reveal answer.


Laval reigned as the 2005 Canadian champion.  But this finite element analysis was conducted on a concrete canoe by another of Canada's best teams.   Where does this team come from and how many members do they have?

Thanks guys for your help.  We really appreciate it!

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