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Concrete Canoe Web Sites

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This is a very important part of our site and we invite you to become a part of the action.  UAH is currently collecting, maintaining, and publishing information on the web.   Instructions for submittal are included on their site.

National Concrete Canoe Competition Trivia
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Graphite, too old for use in the Space Shuttle, was used by this school when they introduced the material into the competition as reinforcement.  The effort resulted in the team's first national title... and NASA's first "Space Act"... legislation that currently facilitates interaction between universities and NASA facilities worldwide.  What year and which school was this? 

Bookmarks to an alphabetical listing of ASCE Student Chapters are published by ASCE Headquarters in their master list of student organizations.

If you're interested in volunteering for any other task listed on our site, please contact us.  Simply provide an email address to which information should be sent.  We'll make the announcement, include the link to your contribution, and give you plenty of credit.  Thanks!

An example of an excellent concrete canoe website is:

     Nevada - Reno "Wolf Pack" Concrete Canoe Team - Stats, scoring breakdowns, highlights, reviews and pictures from previous national competitions.

A number of schools maintain links to selected competitors and we are most willing to cite yours below.

A typical example is:

     Laval - " Links to Canadian and American Teams" - Canadian National Champion.

Some interesting presentations and ideas are located at:

University of Wisconsin-Madison - "UW-Madison Concrete Canoe Team" - pictorial representation of team (personnel section).

Western Kentucky - "WKU Concrete Canoe Team" - competition videos.

Team UAH - "Audio Introduction" - sound byte.

Please let us know the status of your site and/or what's unique or interesting about it.  We'll add a link to you as mentioned above.