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2012 Southeast Conference Canoes (19)

The Southeast Conference was hosted by Florida A&M/Florida State (Great job guys!).  The "Gators" from the University of Florida won the concrete canoe competition in a field of nineteen entries.  Team UAH (Alabama-Huntsville) placed second followed by Florida A&M/Florida State (the competition host) in third.

The University of Florida will field "Vindigator."

The Gators will be making their eighth national appearance (statistics).

Team UAH went into Tallahassee with a slight advantage by winning the design report category but Florida evened the score early on by winning the product category.  The Gators earned critical delta points on Friday by winning the presentation category and cased their win on Saturday by sweeping the races.  UAH and Florida Tech gave Florida a run for their money on the pond... giving Tech the points that they needed to finish fourth overall. Florida A&M/Florida State also posed a challenge to the Gators by placing second in the women's endurance race (Way to go ladies!).

On another note... The crowd of nearly 1000 students and supporters went wild as the University of Puerto Rico claimed their first overall Southeast conference title by earning the most points in multiple events.   Puerto Rico finished an impressive fifth in the concrete canoe competition (see below).

UAH (upper left), Florida A&M/Florida Tech (upper right), Florida Tech (lower left) and Puerto Rico (lower right).

Until the nationals are over in June, I think that I speak for all of the concrete canoe contestants in the Southeast... "I wish I was a Florida Gator!  Good luck in scoring a top five finish in Reno.  We'll see you next year in Miami." ... jag

At 260 lb, FAMU-FSU fielded "Lea."

At 230 lb, Florida Atlantic University fielded "Talon X."

At 310 lb, Florida Gulf Coast University fielded "Tiburon."

At 190 lb, Florida Tech fielded "The Nautilus."

At 226 lb, Middle Tennessee State University fielded "Concrete Logic."

At 250 lb, Southern Poly State University fielded "Stinger."

At 195 lb, Tennessee Tech fielded "Freegird."

At 109 lb, UAH fielded "EVO."

At 180 lb, the University of Florida fielded "Vindigator."

At 165 lb, the University of Miami fielded "The Heat."

At 175 lb, the University of North Florida fielded "Rudder Chaos."

At 610 lb, the University of Alabama - Birmingham fielded "Blaze of Glory."

At 280 lb, the University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa fielded "April's Fury."

At 210 lb, the University of Central Florida fielded "Poseidon's Vengeance."

At 275 lb, the University of Tennessee fielded "Concrete Canoe Classic."

At 250 lb, the University of Tennessee - Chattanooga fielded "The Night Rambler."

At 260 lb, the University of Puerto Rico fielded "Furia."

At 260 lb, the University of South Florida fielded "Bull-Float."

At 273 lb, Vanderbilt University fielded "KING KONGCRETE."